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LEARNIX-2009-1 final

Posted 17 Jan 2010

Happy New Year to you all

  • man genbox is fixed
  • text files with executable permissions such as those on a USB stick are now always displayed rather than executed, without having to go through the annoying confirm pop-up.
  • Otherwise, 2009-1 final is identical to 2009-1 beta2

LEARNIX-2009-1 Beta2 is out

Posted 26 Nov 2009

Some minor glitches ironed out

  • NumLock is now disabled.
  • Bluetooth mice should now work (can't test this).
  • The notification icon of the power mananger is always shown.

First draft of Running LEARNIX available for download

Posted 19 Nov 2009

Stick this under your pillow

This document is primarily targeted at Windows users who are new to LEARNIX and wish to run Radiance.

LEARNIX-2009-1 Beta released

Posted 13 Nov 2009

Just like mum used to make them.

This release is based on Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala". There is now thumbnail previewing for HDR images in the Nautilus file manager.

LEARNIX-2008-1 Final released

Posted 20 Dec 2008

Just in time to slip one into Santa's sack.

Other than a few minor bug fixes, 2008-1 is identical to 2008-1 Beta.

LEARNIX-2008-1 Beta released

Posted 04 Oct 2008

It's been quite some time...

A Beta version of this year's LEARNIX is available for download. The most noticeable change is that LEARNIX is now based on Ubuntu GNU/LINUX, rather than KNOPPIX. Please send any comments and bug report, so things can be fixed before the 2008-1 final release. Note that the Getting Started Guide has not been updated yet.

LEARNIX-5.0.1 finally available

Posted 19 Feb 2007

Heroic struggle has come to an end

Yes, it's true: the 5.0.1 Gold Master has just been uploaded. It differs from the Beta in the newer versions of brad and Radzilla. Get it while it's hot.

LEARNIX-5.0.1 Beta available

Posted 12 Nov 2006

Santa will bring the Final version

This is the version we are going to be using for our teaching which starts 28 November. With the feedback we receive, the Beta will be updated, and the final version of 5.0.1 released.

Preview of LEARNIX-5.0.1 available

Posted 12 Nov 2006

Note ready for production yet.

This is an alpha version for testing purposes only. It is intended for developers to test if their software works o.k.

RADIANCE 3.8, ESP-r 11.2 released

Posted 12 Nov 2006

Inching forward

Both, RADIANCE and ESP-r have seen new releases. They will be included in the next LEARNIX which are in the process of building.

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