3rd International Radiance Workshop


Organized by Raphaël Compagnon & Greg Ward


Monday 11th October 2004
Introduction 8h30 Registration desk open, room B30.20
Ecole d'ingénieurs et d'architectes de Fribourg
80 Bd Pérolles, 1705 Fribourg, Switzerland
9h00 Raphaël Compagnon: Welcome address
9h15 Greg Ward: Recent Code Changes and Additions, Including the Radiance Occluder Cache
Daylighting Studies 9h45 François Cantin: Characterization of daylight quality by computation of performance indicators and rendering with Radiance !!!!!!
10h15 Ljubica Mudri: Objective data from Radiance and subjective intentions from Architects
10h45 Coffee break
11h15 Anthony Farrell: Forward ray tracing analysis of a light pipe
Glare assessment 11h45 Santiago Torres: Glare assessment using image based lighting
12h15 Jan Wienold: Evalglare: a new RADIANCE-based tool to evaluate glare in office spaces
12h45 Lunch break
Lighting analysis 14h15 Giulio Antonutto: Road lighting simulation with Radiance
14h45 Krzysztof Wandachowicz: Calculation of Luminaires Using Radiance
Integrated solutions 15h15 Andreas Lahme: 3D Lighting: Integrated software modelling and simulation package using 3Dsolar and Rayfront with Radiance
15h45 Coffee break
16h15 Georg Mischler: Rayfront tutorial
  18h00 First day workshop end
  20h00 Workshop official dinner


http://pab-opto.de/radiance/vortrag_september_2004/freefullrotb.avi http://pab-opto.de/radiance/vortrag_september_2004/spiralforward.avi
Tuesday 12 October 2004
Materials modelling 8h45 Peter Apian-Bennewitz: Material measurement and modelling, Part I,
Video: Free Full Rotation, Video: Spiral Forward Rotation
User-interface, and CAD Links 9h15 Francesco Anselmo: Blender based Radiance GUI
9h45 Andreas Gerber: RadView: OpenGL viewer for Radiance scenes
10h15 Coffee break
Radiance sources extensions & developments 10h45 Axel Jacobs: LEARNIX bootable live CD-ROM, LEARNIX Getting Started
11h15 Pascal Gautron: Radiance Caching for Efficient Global Illumination Computation,
AVI Video
11h45 Francisco Pereira: SharpEye: A parallel, portable, selective rendering system based on Radiance
12h15 Carsten Bauer: The Radzilla project
12h45 Lunch break
Solar access studies 14h15 Marylène Montavon: Solar energy utilisation potential of three different swiss urban sites
14h30 Raphaël Compagnon: iPPF: a Radiance based online tool for solar and daylight access studies in urban areas (poster)
14h45 Darren Robinson: Irradiation modelling with cumulative skies
15h15 Andrew Marsh: Using Radiance for right-to-light and solar access studies
15h45 Coffee break
Questions & Answers 16h15 Greg Ward: Problem solving session
  17h45 Open discussion
  18h00 Workshop end


group photo

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