4th International Radiance Workshop

Montreal, Canada

August 11-12, 2005

Organized by Christoph Reinhart and Greg Ward

Purpose: To provide design practitioners, researchers, and educators with an opportunity to present their work with the Radiance lighting simulation software, and to share ideas and solutions with other attendees.

group photo

Thursday August 11th 2005
Introduction 8h15 Registration desk open, McGill University, School of Architecture, 815 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Canada
8h45 Christoph Reinhart: Welcome and Housekeeping
9h00 Greg Ward: Recent Code Changes and Additions
Daylighting Case Studies 9h30 Matt Franks: ARUP - Daylighting in Museums (abstract)
10h00 Zack Rogers: AEC - Experiences with Radiance in Daylight Design Part II (abstract)
10h30 Coffee break
11h00 Mark Shewfelt: Enermodal - Radiance in Practice: a Consultant's Perspective (abstract)
11h30 Max Richter: Using Radiance In An Integrated Design Process: Stantec Case Studies (abstract)
12h00 Vinay Ghatti & Autif Sayed: The Weidt Group - Daylighting Design Using Radiance (abstract)
  12h30 Lunch break
Radiance Validations 14h00 Christoph Reinhart: Development and validation of a Radiance model for a translucent panel (abstract)
14h30 Michael Donn: Quality Assurance in Lighting Simulation (abstract)
  15h00 Coffee break
Dynamic Daylight Simulations 15h30 Iain MacDonald: Integrated Building simulation (abstract)
16h00 Christoph Reinhart: A file format for Dynamic Daylight Simulations (abstract)
16h30 Greg Ward: Radiance's new rtcontrib program (abstract)
17h00 Denis Bourgeois: Making use of the new Dynamic Daylight Simulation (DDS) file format (abstract)
  17h30 First day workshop end
  19h00 Workshop official dinner at Boccacinos International, 1251 McGill College Avenue


Friday August 12th 2005
  8h00 Registration desk open, McGill University, School of Architecture, 815 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Canada
User-interface, and CAD Links 8h30 Andrew Marsh: An Integrated Development Environment for Radiance. (abstract)
9h00 Siegbert Debatin: 3D luminaire geometry with Relux Vision (abstract)
Radiance Extensions & Developments 9h30 Carsten Bauer: The Radzilla Project (abstract)
  10h00 Coffee break
Teaching Radiance 10h30 Michael Donn: Using Radiance in teaching 1990 to 2005 (abstract)
New Design Approaches using Radiance 11h00 Santiago Torres: Latest results with image based lighting (abstract)
11h30 Helena Bülow-Hübe: Using Radiance to assess daylight quality in offices
12h00 Marie-Claude Dubois: Detailed characterisation of daylighting under a roof, a dormer and a vertical window: Final results of an exhaustive simulation project using Radiance (abstract)
  12h30 Lunch break
Radiance Artwork 14h00 Robert Shakespeare: Virtual light projection (abstract)
Software Demos
(break out sessions)
14h15 Andrew Marsh: Ecotect
Christoph Reinhart: Daysim & Lightswitch Wizard
Siegbert Debatin: Relux Vision
Greg Ward: Photosphere
Zack Rogers: Sensor Placement Optimization Tool (SPOT)
  15h30 Coffee break
Wrap up 16h00 Greg Ward: "wrap up & outlook"
Questions & Answers 16h30 Open discussion
  17h30 Workshop end