8th International Radiance Workshop

The 8th International Radiance Workshop was held at Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, from October 21 to 23 2009. The event was hosted by Christoph Reinhart and Kera Lagios. The International Radiance Workshops are annual gatherings of advanced users and developers of the Radiance (day)light simulation program. The 2009 workshop was preceded by a full day training session on High Dynamic Range Photography and Glare Analysis that was offered by Mehlika Inanici, Jan Wienold and Greg Ward. The workshop and training session were attended by about eighty participants including twenty-eight GSD students.

Oct 21: HDR Photography and Glare Analysis
High Dynamic Range Photography
Mehlika Inianici (University of Washington) Slides
The Photosphere Browser
Greg Ward (Anyhere Software) Slides
Glare Evaluation
Jan Wienold (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems) Slides


Oct 22: Radiance Workshop 1st Day
Radiance 4.0 Improvements: Recent Code Changes and Additions
Greg Ward (Anyhere Software) Slides
Using Radiance Simulations, Daysim and Physical Models in Architectural Practice; A Comparative Discussion
Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg (Integrated Design Lab – Boise) Slides
Experiences with Radiance in Daylighting Design, Part IV
Zack Rogers (IDEAS, Inc.) Slides
Simulating for Nothing: Radiance's role in the design of a large net zero energy building
Rob Guglielmetti (National Renewable Energy Laboratory Slides
Using Radiance to Sail Our Office
Chris Humann (Loisos  Ubbelohde) Slides
Using Simulation to Optimize Daylighting Design
Tim Metcalfe (Daylight Modeling Group, Kalwall Corp.) Slides
Building Better Glass Materials in Radiance Using Optics 5 and the glaze script in Radiance
Jack de Valpine (Visarc, Inc.) Slides
Complex Fenestration and Annual Simulation
Greg Ward (Anyhere Software) Slides and Movie
Simulating Complex Fenestration Systems: An Overview of R&D Activities
Eleanor Lee (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Slides


Oct 23: Radiance Workshop 2nd Day
Using Annual Daylight Simulation to Evaluate Design Alternates
Andy McNeil (Arup) Slides and Movie
Interactive is the New Black
David Smith (Buro Happold) Slides
Towards Animated Building Performance Simulation ABPS): Linking Rhinoceros/Grasshopper with Radiance/Daysim
Christoph Reinhart, Kera Lagios & Jeff Niemasz (Harvard Design School) Slides
A New Method For Radiance Skies
Mark J. Stock (Applied Scientific Research) Slides
Applications of Image based Sky models in Lighting Simulation
Mehlika Inanici (University of Washington, Dept. of Arch.) Slides
Daylight Simulations: How Close do Simulation Beginners Really Get?
Diego Ibarra & Christoph F. Reinhart (Harvard Design School) Slides
Daylighting Revisited
Rohit Manudhane & Christoph Harvard Design School) Slides
SPOT on!
Zack Rogers (IDEAS, Inc.) Slides
WGLRAD: A windows OpenGL viewer for Radiance
Ignacio Munarriz (Ais arquitectura studio) Slides
Daysim 3.0 – DDS, New Validation Study and Annual Daylight Glare Probability Schedules
Christoph Reinhart (Harvard Design School) Slides &
Jan Wienold (Fraunhofer ISE) Slides
Wrap-up and Outlook
Greg Ward (Anyhere Software)