man page of webhdr_jpgfixexif


webhdr_jpgfixexif - Fix exposure info in EXIF header.


webhdr_jpgfixexif [options] photograph.jpg

Options: --help brief help message -m|--man full documentation --versions print version info of loaded modules -o|--output output file name. -i|--info only print exposure information, but make no changes


In order to determine the exposure value of an image, most HDR software relies upon the EXIF information that is embedded within a digital photograph. This works fairly reliably in many cases. However, the implementation of the EXIF specification is not consistent across camera manufacturers and models.

webhdr_jpgfixexif will attempt to fix the EXIF information in a digital photograph so that the values 'ISO', 'FNumber', and 'ExposureTime' are present.



Print a brief help message and exit.


Print the manual page and exit.


Print version information of the program, loaded modules, Perl, and the OS.


Output file. The default is to rename 'input.jpg' to 'input.jpg_original', and to save to 'input.jpg'. This is consistent with exiftool, which webhdr_jpgfixexif relies upon.


Print information for ISO, FNumber, and ExposureTime, as well as the exposure value that can be derived from those values. Exit without making any changes.


The check whether webhdr_jpgfixexif works with our photograph:

  webhdr_jpgfixexif --info DSCN2386.JPG

To fix the EXIF header in DSCN2386.JPG and save to DSCN2386_fixed.jpg:

  webhdr_jpgfixexif --output DSCN2386_fixed.jpg DSCN2386.JPG


Phil Harvey's ExifTool (


webhdrtools's lib directory needs to be in PERL5LIB


Copyright 2013 Axel Jacobs

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