UNIX for Radiance
Radiance Tutorial

The Radiance renderer follows an approach that is based upon the UNIX philosophy. Many individual commands are executed on the command line or grouped in scripts, resulting in a flexibility that is not achieveable with graphics-based user interfaces. Those unfamilier with such an approach are advised to start with the UNIX for Radiance document below.

Following are the hand-outs of our Radiance classes that are taught in the Building Simulation modules of an MSc course.

Radiance Cookbook

While the Tutorial above is meant to be read front to back, the Cookbook provides a large number of recipies, many in the form of scripts, that show off some of the weird and wonderful things that can be done with Radiance.

Finally, we have a lesson that is definitely not for the faint-of-heart. rtcontrib is a fairly recent piece of Radiance software that provides the ultimate versatility for doing things you thought were impossible.