Sun Path Overlay for Radiance Fisheye View


This form assumes that the Radiance rendering for which you are generating the sun path overlay has been generated with the stereographic view type (-vts), and that the view direction is up (-vd 0 0 1).

Latitude ° North South
Up Vector -vu
Dimensions px
Grid colour
Sun path colour
Altitude grid every °
Azimuth grid every °
Labels label hour lines with pt font


To overlay the diagram sp_overlay.png onto the rendering rendering.jpg, use this command line which relies on ImageMagick's composite program. The new image will be named final.png:

$ composite -compose Dst_Over rendering.jpg sp_overlay.png final.png


sun path overlay
Radiance stereographic fisheye rendering with overlaid sun path diagram.
The outside objects are mirrored in the pane of glass through which
a person is looking out. Local solar time is 13:00 hrs, on the 21st of April.