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Privacy statement
This service is completely anonymous. We do not know who you are or where you are from. None of your images will be published for any purpose. However, the EXIF header from one of your images might be stripped and kept in our database. This information will be used to add to our list of cameras that work with WebHDR. We might also keep the resulting response function of your camera. Since this is just a few numbers, it probably won't bother you at all.
By hitting the Upload button, you will accept these conditions.
JPEG images (The maximum combined upload size is set to 20 MB):

Response Curve:

If you have used WebHDR before and kept the RSP file with the camera response curve, you may upload it here.

Calibration factor:
See Camera Calibration for instructions.

Auto-align images
Only disable this if the sequence was taken with a stable tripod and a camera remote shutter control.

Remove lens flare
The inherent limitations of the optical systems in cameras causes some of the light to be scattered. This is most noticeable close to very bright areas of the image where some of the light spills over onto the darker regions. Enabling the lens flare removal will result in crisper images with a slightly better contrast, especially around bright light sources.

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