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New look to website

Posted 21 Jan 2006

Ditched the CMS

The LEARNIX web site is now back to a mostly static approach, with a good measure of SSI sprinkled in. The Content Management System created too many problems, both, with keeping it up-to-date, and security wise.

The new approach (which also the original one) should be more secure since we no longer have to deal wth PHP and its inherent security flaws. As an added benefit, the new LEARNIX site looks similar to the WebHDR site, having the two more consistent.

A little draw back is that some of the flexibility of the CMS system is lost, such as the ability to post comments. Since hardly anybody used this flexibility, it won't be missed too much.

Version 4.0.2 released

Posted 13 Dec 2005, 13:58

3.8.1 never made it...

Yes, it's true: Version 4.0.2 is out. As usual, with the latest and greatest of building simulation software: RADIANCE 3.7.2, ESP-r 10.12. Unfortunately, DaySim had to be removed due to incompatibilities, but do check out the latest RADZILLA, which now has a graphical interface to it (although still unfinished). Oh, and our tutorials on RADIANCE and ESP-r have seen new revisions, too.

LEARNIX listed on Softpedia

Posted 25 Oct 2005, 22:58

The encyclopedia of free software downloads


Although Softpedia's LINUX section is fairly new, they have already spotted us on their radar. Go and see for yourself: LEARNIX on Softpedia. Please feel free to submit your rating. We expect no less than an 'Excellent' ;-)

Version 3.8.1 in beta testing

Posted 12 May 2005, 14:19

Send bugs or request features!

The next version of LEARNIX is up for beta testing. Based on KNOPPIX 3.8.1, this release is the first one to come with only a 2.6 kernel.

Next LEARNIX to be based on KNOPPIX 3.8

Posted 7 Mar 2005, 21:44

Ready, steady GO!

I know it's been a long time (not geologically, but in IT scale) since the last LEARNIX has seen the light of day. We decided to hang around a bit longer and wait for KNOPPIX 3.8 to be released. This is going to happen within the next few days, at the CeBit in Germany.

Link to Slashdot article

3.8 is going to have many new feature that we think are useful to all LEARNIXers. From the time of the release, it will take a couple of weeks to build a new LEARNIX. This might sound like a long time, but every release requires at least 10 compiles, and they all take their time on my PIII 450MHZ box (>1hr). Another big problem is that most (well, actually all) of the software that distinguishes LEARNIX from KNOPPIX has a non-standard build procedure and takes a lot longer than the good old apt-get install. So bear with us...

Both tutorials updated.

Posted 1 Mar 2005, 01:09

BIGGER and better, Baby!

LEARNIX is the salvationSl

Small changes: A few additions to BASIC (rendering parameters) and ADVANCED (the use of ground planes, pcomb), font upped to 11pts for better readability.

New Knowing KNOPPIX document

Posted 1 Jan 2005, 23:04

Must-read for KNOPPIX users

A new document on the use of KNOPPIX has popped up on the Internet. Written by Phil Jones and titled 'Knowing KNOPPIX', it has a lot more information on KNOPPIX, its use and the applications it comes with than our Getting-Started Guide. Get it from here (link dead).

Next KNOPPIX to come in 'big' and 'small'

Posted 21 Dec 2004, 20:36

Future KNOPPIX plans announced

Looks as if KNOPPIX will be released in two different flavours: a slimmed-down CD-ROM version, and a full-blown DVD version with lots more software on it. KNOPPIX is what LEARNIX is based on. All this is expected to happen in the middle of next year. Since we can't assume that all you RADIANCE and EPS-r users out there work on spanking-hot hardware and are capable of booting DVDs (and also because we don't have a DVD burner), we'll probably stick to the poor man's version.

RADIANCE course notes updated

Posted 19 Dec 2004, 01:38

New chapters added to basic and advanced notes

Apart from a tidy-up to reflect version 3.6 of RADIANCE and a spellcheck, a revision history has been included in the docs to show what's new. A new chapter titled 'Previews, Visualisation and Image Conversion' was added to the basic notes. The advanced notes have been expanded to include material on the use of the genworm command and on image mapping. The revision date has been removed from the document name to make the indexing by search engines more efficient.

Version 2004-05-12 released

Posted 12 May 2004, 11:52

Now washes even whiter

Those are the changes:

  • LEARNIX based on KNOPPIX 3.4
  • lotsa bug-fixes
  • as always, includes the latest and greates of ESP-r and RADIANCE
  • New Getting Started Guide (Read it!!!)
  • RADIANCE add-ons include DaySim, radmap and RADview. RADview is a rather primitive image browser I wrote many years ago. See the Getting Started Guide for a screen shot and a short explanation.

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