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Version 2004-05-12 released

Posted 12 May 2004, 11:52

Now washes even whiter

Those are the changes:

  • LEARNIX based on KNOPPIX 3.4
  • lotsa bug-fixes
  • as always, includes the latest and greates of ESP-r and RADIANCE
  • New Getting Started Guide (Read it!!!)
  • RADIANCE add-ons include DaySim, radmap and RADview. RADview is a rather primitive image browser I wrote many years ago. See the Getting Started Guide for a screen shot and a short explanation.

FTP download available

Posted 19 Apr 2004 16:40

ISO on a hot shovel

The LEARNIX ISO image may now be downloaded via FTP, in addition to HTTP. FTP downloads are more suitable for large files and allow you to resume downloads which timed out or dropped out for other reasons.

Update 15 May 2004:
The HTML download is no longer available.

RADIANCE course notes updated

Posted 07 Apr 2004, 00:00

New PDF files for RADIANCE course

I've finally figured out why the RADIANCE handout looked so awful on screen (although it printed all right). This is fixed now. There is also a new document with Advanced course notes for those who wish to go a bit further. This one is work in progress and will be updates as I find the times. The focus is on some of the new add-ones that were written since RADIANCE went open source. Both PDFs are hyperlinked internally, so it should be easier to navigate and jump to links in the reference section.

Oh, and the web site has seen some minor improvements, too.

RADIANCE changes, next LEARNIX

Posted 26 Jan 2004, 00:38

RADIANCE commands renamed, NTFS support in next KNOPPIX?

As of the beginning of 2004, some of RADIANCE' commands have been renamed in the HEAD release because of conflicts with other packages. In detail, the changes are:

  • rview -> rvu
  • calc -> icalc
  • gencat -> gencatenary
  • neat -> neaten
  • lam -> rlam

We are going to wait with a new release of LEARNIX until the dust has settled and the changes are reflected in the official RADIANCE release which is currently at Version 3.5, as well as in ESP-r.

To give you something to look forward to meanwhile: Looks as if the next KNOPPIX will support write access to NTFS partitions. This should be good news for people running NT, 2K or XP who don't have their home partition formatted as FAT32.

Version 2003-12-02 released

Posted 03 Dec 2003, 14:44

New and improved

Changes over the previous version include:

  • RADIANCE is now the HEAD distribution with lots of bug-fixes
  • Included LEARN's teaching notes on ESP-r and RADIANCE
  • A problem with rview that was introduced in the last release has been ironed out.

Version 2003-10-14 released

Posted 14 Oct 2003, 10:54

Beta time is over

Changes and additions over the last version include:

  • LEARNIX based on KNOPPIX 3.3
  • OpenOffice is 1.1.0
  • ESP-r is installed as user esru, not root
  • RADIANCE has gendaylit installed
  • New page with the version history on the LEARNIX web site
  • New boot screen now featuring Tux the penguin!!!
  • KDE konqueror opens up with a LEARNIX title page
  • emacs added (for Phylroy)


HOWTO posted

Posted 05 Oct 2003, 00:06

Wanna roll your own?

The HOWTO modify KNOPPIX to LEARNIX is now available under Documentation in the LEARNIX Main Menu. Please note that the Re-mastering of a KNOPPIX CD is rather complex and requires good knowledge of LINUX, as well as a good deal of time (and ideally a fast computer, too).

... and tell her I'm sorrrrry....

Posted 01 Sep 2003 19:19

May the CMS be with you.

Just thought I'd let you all know that I am taking the opportunity of putting up LEARNIX to mess about with a Content Management System (CMS). If you have any feedback, please try to use all the fiddly buttons on this web site.

LEARNIX presented at ESP-r developers conference

Posted 01 Sep 2003, 15:53

They loved it!

LEARNIX was presented to the ESP-r community at the first international ESP-r developers' conference, held 18th to 21st August 2003 in Glasgow.

LEARNIX web site up and running

Posted 28 Aug 2003 11:04

World domination tomorrow

The LEARNIX web site went live yesterday. LEARNIX is hosted by the Low Energy Architecture Research uNit, LEARN, of the London Metropolitan University.

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