Frustrated with the existing HDR software, I decided to create something myself, something that is easy to use yet powerful and accurate enough for analysing the luminous environment. The use of the software should be free-of-charge, hence the approache of using a Web-based solution.

On the other hand, it was important that ordinary digital consumer cameras could be used with the software, rather than expensive bespoke systems.

The solution was to use Greg Ward's hdrgen as a back-end, and provide the WebHDR HTML front-end that may be used through a web browser. hdrgen is a very good and reliable HDR image composition engine, however, it's use is not straight-forward due to the command-line approach, which many users are not accustumed to. By providing a graphical Web-interface, the creation and use of HDR images has been made more accessible to scientists and interested amateurs alike.

Please feel free to get in contact with us for any bug in the software, or if you have any information regarding features of digital cameras or anything HDR related that we could add to the pages.