2003 Radiance Workshop

September 22-26

Berkeley National Laboratory

Berkeley, California

Organizers: Greg Ward & Judy Lai


Photo Contest

The winning entry (shown above) was submitted by Veronica Sundstedt of Bristol University. For a look at the runners-up and other entries, click here.

Tutorial Schedule

Tutorials were given by John Mardaljevic, Greg Ward, and Georg Mischler.

Monday, 22 Sept.
Mardaljevic: Primer Tutorial, PDF of Chapter 1 from Rendering with Radiance
Ward: Applying New Features of Radiance 3.5
Tuesday, 23 Sept.
Mardaljevic: Intermediate Tutorial, PDF of Chapter 6 from Rendering with Radiance
Ward: Intermediate Tutorial, 1995 Eurographics Workshop on Rendering paper, Real Numbers, Real Images
Wednesday, 24 Sept.
Mardaljevic: Intermediate Tutorial (contd.), A Gold Standard Dataset for the Validation of Illuminance Predictions
Mischler: Intermediate Tutorial

Seminar Talks

Below is the talk schedule with a final list of titles and speakers. Titles are linked to talk abstracts and materials.

Day/Time Talk Title Speaker Organization
Th 9:00 OpenSource Development Greg Ward, Georg Mischler  
Th 9:45 Summarizing and Visualizing Day Lighting Data Jack de Valpine Visarc, Inc.
Th 10:30 Coffee Break    
Th 11:00 Precision modelling of parametrically defined solar shading systems: pseudo-Changi John Mardaljevic De Montfort Univ.
Th 11:45 Evaluation of the solar energy potential in urban settings by irradiation map production Francesco Anselmo UniversitĂ  di Palermo
Th 12:30 Lunch at LBNL Cafeteria    
Th 2:00 Architecture, Lighting, and Energy: An evaluation of the perceptual and energy consumption implications of lighting standards in architectural design, Quicktime Presentation John An Harvard University
Th 2:45 Experiences with Radiance in Daylighting Design Zack Rogers Architectural Energy Corporation
Th 3:30 Recent Practical Applications Using Radiance Matt Franks, Andrew McNeil Arup Lighting
Th 4:15 Environment mapping for lighting simulations !!!!!!!!!! Santiago Torres University of Tokyo
Th 5:00 Adjourn    
Fri 9:00 Learning the best, from the best: a longtime newbie gets up to speed Rob Guglielmetti Renfro Design Group, Inc.
Fri 9:45 LightSketch and Scythe and Sew: Tools for Rapid Architectural Lighting Analysis Daniel Glaser, Jan Voung, Ling Xiao, and Osbert Feng UC Berkeley
Fri 10:30 Coffee Break    
Fri 11:00 An application of Radiance in solving the inverse lighting problem LuĂ­s Fernandes U. of Colorado, Boulder
Fri 11:45 Detail to Attention: Exploiting Visual Tasks for Selective Rendering Greg Ward Anyhere Software
Fri 12:30 Lunch at LBNL Cafeteria    
Fri 2:00 Maya to Radiance, Kalabsha Entrance Animation !!!!!!!, Kalabsha Rotation Animation !!!!!!! Richard Gillibrand U. of Bristol
Fri 2:45 A Radiance evaluation of parallax errors in sky simulator domes John Mardaljevic De Montfort Univ.
Fri 3:30 Wrap-up and Discussion All  
Fri 4:30 Adjourn